Nysnø reduces Stavanger’s carbon footprint during Driva


During the 14 hours of Driva, Nysnø’s Climate Investment Meeting, Stavanger will emit an estimated 532 tons of CO2. Nysnø will offset this climate footprint with aim to demonstrate that even small measures can help improve the global climate.

In 2018, Stavanger City Council voted to cut 80 percent of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. To support this ambitious goal, Nysnø will offset the climate footprint equivalent to the entire city of Stavanger throughout the event. That means reducing 532 tons of CO2 by investing in UN and Gold Standard verified projects in developing countries that are facilitated by CHOOOSE.

In a time-frame of 14 hours, Nysnø will in collaboration with CHOOOSE offset the carbon footprint of the total population of Stavanger, approximately 130,100 people. The climate effect equals over 9900 fewer flights from Oslo to Stavanger.

Driva Climate Investment Meeting is one of Nysnø’s measures to make people informed on how profitable, climate-friendly technology can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to strengthen the ecosystem for climate investment.

“Our investments will help new, climate-friendly technology on the market. Nysnø wants to inform people and motivate them to make use of exciting technology. Everyone must contribute in order for Norway to become a zero-emission society,” says Nysnø’s Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, Frances Eaton.

Driva is sold out

There has been a great interest in participating at the Climate Investment Meeting and the event sold out weeks in advance. At Driva, investors, politicians, technologists, and academics will meet to share thoughts and ideas on how we together can create a zero-emission society.

Some of the speakers:

  • Václav Smil, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Manitoba, named by Foreign Policy as one of the top 100 global thinkers.
  • Maja Lunde, the author of the book The History of Bees and Blue, putting climate change on the agenda to a wider audience.
  • Jakob Askou Bøss, the Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Stakeholder Relations at Ørsted, a company making a strategic transformation from one of the most coal-intensive utilities in Europe to a global leader in green energy.
  • Karen O’Brien, Professor at UiO, Co-founder and Chief Research Officer at cChange. She is an internationally-recognized expert on climate change impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation, with an emphasis on the relationship between personal, cultural, and systems transformations.
  • Physician and TV host, Andreas Wahl will host Norway’s first climate gameshow at Driva. Andreas will challenge three contestants on their climate knowledge and whether they know which measures gives the best climate effect.
  • And lots of other innovative minds.