Climate investing is more important than ever before

At Nysnø we will continue to invest in the best climate solutions, as we help to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Future businesses must embrace sustainability

Nysnø has patient capital over a long-term horizon. We assess investments on the basis of financial, environmental and social profitability.

Capital + technology = reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

By investing in companies that come up with smart, future-oriented solutions, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build the low emission society of the future.

Accelerating the green transition

The companies we invest in show great potential and offer climate friendly solutions and investment opportunities to people in Norway and the world at large. Through our investments we will improve companies' time to market and accelerate the reduction in emissions.

Norway leads the way

With vast amounts of climate-friendly energy, high educational standards, strong national economy and a population that embraces new technology, everything is in place to create sustainable, future-oriented values.

Capital and climate commitment go together

The combination of capital and climate commitment inspires more and more people. We want to convert this enthusiasm into action and invest together with private companies to create a foundation for new, climate friendly activities.

Our goal is to make profitable, long-term investments that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We want to create positive ripple effects in society and accelerate the green transition.