Investment criteria

Investment criteria Nysnø Climate Investments

Nysnø is on the lookout for robust and well-managed companies with a clear plan for the development of climate friendly technology and solutions.

We undertake thorough analyses of the company, technology, market and competitors before we invest. Nysnø has long-term capital and can support companies through all stages of development. We acknowledge that it may take time for the true value of a company to be reflected in its market price. Primarily, we will be investing in the company’s growth phase, during scale-up and commercialisation. Nysnø may further invest in funds that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through their investments.

Nysnø invests in companies that meet the following requirements:

  • Effect on climate – The company must directly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Zero emission and low emission solutions will be prioritised.
  • Activities – Nysnø will primarily invest in activities that work with new technology in the transition from technology development to commercialisation.
  • GeographyNysnø invests in companies and funds with a link to Norway, meaning have activities in or out of Norway.
  • Ownership structure – Private participants must own at least 50 per cent of the companies and funds that Nysnø invests in. In this context, government-owned companies are not considered to be private.
  • Profitability – Nysnø will make investments that are expected to yield long-term profitability.