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Heaten is a Norwegian heat pump technology company that develop low-carbon heat solutions for industrial applications.

Promotes industrial decarbonization

More than half of the world’s primary energy production is lost in the form of waste heat. Heaten’s leading heat pump technology utilizes the energy in waste heat from industrial processes to increase energy efficiency and enable replacement of fossil-fueled heat supply. The technology contributes to the electrification of the heat supply to heavy industrial sectors globally and has tremendous potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the industrial sector where there are few good alternatives.


Heat accounts for half of global energy consumption

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), heat is the largest end-user of energy and accounts for around 50% of total energy consumption globally. Half of the heat produced is used in industrial processes which rely mostly on fossil fuels for its production. Electrification using heat pump technology will enable more efficient and low-carbon heat production. By investing in Heaten, Nysnø contributes to promoting a decarbonisation of the industrial sector.

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