Siri Kalvig


Siri M. Kalvig is CEO of Nysnø Climate investments AS. She holds a Master of Science in Meteorology and has a Ph.D. in offshore wind technology. Prior to her position in Nysnø, Siri headed the research network for clean energy at the University of Stavanger. She has founded several businesses and is actively engaged in finance and start-up companies within environmental technology. Siri began her career as a weather presenter at TV2. Together with TV2 she established what went on to become the leading global provider of weather intelligence, StormGeo. Siri has a burning commitment to the climate issue and has created several national campaigns to spread knowledge and awareness about climate issues. As the leader of Nysnø, Siri continues the climate fight with finance and investments as tools to help turn the capital flow towards a development in line with Paris goals.
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