Investing in climate solutions is more important than ever before

At Nysnø we will continue to invest in the best climate solutions, as we help to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

At Nysnø we are making several efforts to ensure that as few pople as possible are affected by the coronavirus:

All our employees are now working from home

All our employees have been working from home since March 13th. This means that our Stavanger HQ is closed for visitors. You can still reach us via e-mail, by phone and video meetings, and stay up to date with our activities on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Nysnø will keep investing 

Nysnø will continue to invest in profitable climate technologies, and continue our collaboration with companies, co-investors and other partners to monitor the situation. As always you can get in touch with our investment team via e-mail, phone and video meetings.

Watch #Driva2020 online

Our annual climate investment meeting Driva has now been moved online, where our goal is to provide you with bite-sized insights from our confirmed speakers. Follow us on Facebook where talks will livestreamed in May.